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   Natural BeYOUti

                Professional Airbrush MUA

and Wellness Advocate

                     Tasha Boyd

Meet your stylist

How Airbrush WON me over! 

As a preteen with cystic acne I tried all types of formulas including the best of the best lines out there. It didn't matter because with cystic acne the more you touch the area the larger and more inflamed it becomes. I was making my situation worse by applying topical foundation and powders. All I wanted was for others to not stare at the large pimples on my forehead, chin and nose area. Most acne will occur around the T-zone area because the pores are larger there. When we produce oil we are actually cleansing our skin and keeping out the bad stuff. Our natural oil keeps our skin hydrated and looking youthful longer. WAIT... WHAT?? OIL is good? To an extent yes, of course you should still cleanse your skin but careful in the products you use. Some products completely strip your skin of its oils which can cause acne due to your skin thinking it is dry and than producing more oil to compensate. Another reason why clogging the skin is a no go! Finding doTerra has changed my skin care regime. Using all natural plant based products without the additives has truly given my skin a boost!

The biggest compliments I receive: 

"Wow you have great skin!" and 
"How do you keep your skin from aging?"

I couldn't ask for better compliments :)

Prevention is everything----

     Welcome to my Natural BeYOUti page!

 Where my heart lies in the art of healing. Natural BeYOUti is an encompass of both wellness and beauty. Mind, Body, Spirit... Then everything else!

I am a Wellness Advocate for doTerra essential oils because for me it changed my life. The oils help me bundle my love for health and beauty without losing the integrity of my body to harmful chemicals and additives. Being an airbrush makeup artist for over 10 years I have seen first hand the harm skin care, bad makeup and lack of good health practices can do to the body.  For the past four years I have traveled the states as Lead Instructor/Educator for the original line of airbrush makeup, Dinair in Los Angeles, Ca. I have recently relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada in the heart of Summerlin.
    My gift in this life is to help others and through my passion in makeup I have discovered the meaning behind unconditional love for self. With that comes the discovery of inner BeYOUti and the never ending care for your loving body!

       Makeup should never be something we hide behind but rather a way to express ourselves, pamper self and make ourselves feel good. When we feel good inside and truly look in the mirror and wholeheartedly say "Wow I look good," our body chemistry changes, 

producing happy hormones. Our outer appearance and energy shifts to a more beautiful, welcoming and exciting new you. 

      My Dream has always been to play in this life and playing for me is to escape into a world of Fantasy. Whether it be the Fantasy

Wedding your heart desires or a photo shoot dressed as the Woodland Fairy that you are!

     I am thrilled to be doing something that truly resonates with my passion of self love, self healing and the world of wellness and BeYOUti. My mission on this earth has always been to help others find their way and will always be through positive Love and Light.

------Manifest your own Reality------ I invite you to come Play in My World, where your inner

child dances to the beat of Natural BeYOUti ♥