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   Natural BeYOUti

                Professional Airbrush MUA

and Wellness Advocate

                     Tasha Boyd

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Fantasy Themed Makeup and Photography 

Fantasy theme shoots are my absolute favorite.

Over the years I have discovered that most of us have a secret desire that usually stems from our child hood fantasies. After long conversations others have divulged me with their inner child dreams...

As we age we slowly forget to use our imagination and we grow up into adults that take life way to seriously.

I believe that if we allowed more of that inner kid, the imagination, and creativity into our lives we would discover more beYOUti that exists all around us. 

--Following your passions is the key to happiness--

Become the Goddess or God that you are and discover who you are!

Secret desires that don't have to be a secret.....
                My clients speak 

"My biggest fantasy is to be a mermaid" 
         -----(Guess what? You can totally do that... I DO! )

"If I could I'd love to do a photo shoot with angel wings because I secretly wish I had wings"
      -----(Ahhh, Hello Gorgeous!!)

"I would love to do a calender or maybe a little black book for my husband for our anniversary. I want to try something I wouldn't normally do. " 
          -----(Great let's talk about what makes you feel sexy and empowered. And incorporate what he likes. Sports? Pinup? Fiftry shades darker?? ) 

" This may sound weird but can we make my makeup more like a fairy?"
      ----(Please, are you kidding..Lisa Frank style never fades)

**Age does not define your soul... And it sure doesn't define your deepest fantasies. Together let's create a photo shoot that makes you feel empowered, sexy, confident and allow yourself to dive into those desires and awaken them**