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   Natural BeYOUti

                Professional Airbrush MUA

and Wellness Advocate

                     Tasha Boyd

Airbrush makeup was created in the early 80's by actress and hair stylist, Dina Ousley in Los Angeles, Ca. Dina a working artist felt conventional makeup was unsanitary, was visible to the eye and camera and the process took to long to apply. The fact that makeup today is not FDA controlled and most products come from China, should be very alarming to us all. Being a huge animal advocate, Dina fought hard for her line as an animal cruelty free makeup. Today the beauty industry is still using animals in their productions as well as man made chemicals. 

Be confident the makeup your wearing is hand made with love in Los Angeles, Ca. 

What is Airbrush?


Unlike traditional makeup, airbrushing sprays a fine mist so the makeup blends perfectly on the skin. The foundations provides a coverage of your preference (from sheer to opaque) and minimizes skin imperfections. The result is a beautiful and natural finish with out feeling heavy. Hypoallergenic and won't clog your pores.

How long does it last for? 

All day! That is if you are not wearing any primers with silicone, oils or parabens in it. This makeup is water based and holds all day when the face is clean of oils. Hit the gym after work and leave looking as good as you did going in. No worries about the makeup running down your face. You apply half the amount of makeup than traditional and it allows your skin to breath. A much healthier choice! 

What can it cover?
Covers discoloration, blemishes, dark circles, tattoos, bruising, vitiligo, burns, veins, sun burns, and so much more. 

High-Def Close Ups
Created for the film Industry, celebrities and fashion models. This makeup is what revolutionized the concept of makeup today. It is HD Ready Makeup! What's amazing is how well it photographs. It's like having photo shop in your hand everyday

How long does it take? 

If we are talking about daily application you'll be looking at about 15-20 mins full face application. If your simply wanting a little touch of foundation on those pesky pimples, maybe 1 min with cleaning time. Full foundation no more than 5 mins.

Flawless In Record Time!
Speedy application, imagine the time you'll save.
All Day Coverage,Everyday
Long lasting: No more touch-ups throughout the day.
Hygienic + Less Wasteful

The most hygienic way to apply makeup and keep your skin looking youthful longer!!!!